Kayak Level assumes that certified people, businesses, organisations and associations keep to the requirements and rules set up by Kayak Level. This will determine the quality and safety and will make you feel safe and in good hands.
Kayak Level believes that every business, organisation, association or person should be able to emit an own identity. This will secure the variety of possibilities and it will help customers to choose whatever fits them best.

Complaints concerning irresponsible behaviour and breaking the rules
Complaints that concern irresponsible behaviour and/or breaking the rules are taken very seriously by Kayak Level. The complaints are not only administrated but Kayak Level also has the task to critisize a complaint unambiguously and communicate these critics to the party involved. Nevertheless Kayak Level will never acknowledge liability as we believe that we are not responsible for the behaviour and/or actions of a Kayak Level certified. Kayak Level can however decide to withdraw the certification of a business, organisation, association or person and with that bring the to Kayak Level connected liability insurance to an end.

Complaints concerning non Kayak Level related issues
Regarding to personal character or dissatisfaction concerning non Kayak Level related issues Kayak Level doen not take any complaints into considering.

Independence Kayak Level
Kayak Level is a commercial label that does not allow influence from businesses, organisations, associations or persons. We are served by honesty and good quality and therefore we will give independent advise at all time and/or investigate in case of calamities.

Tip 1
Independent witnesses, multiple from each other independent people having the same complaint and film stimulates the evidence.

Tip 2
Try to remember as much as you can when in an emergency situation and try to point out the water level with an attribute so it can be determined afterwards.

Tip 3
Always, also with light injuries, ask for an accident form and fill it in.

To register a complaint send your e-mail to: