Every business, organisation or association is committed to have a liability insurance in which offered activities are secured. Also Guides and Instructors would be wise to have a liability insurance. Because there is no control or reinforcement for this regulation and there are no easy insurances, many businesses, organisations and associations offer uninsured activities.

Quality and Safety
An Insurance company is not waiting for high risk insurances and is only willing to cover when it is clear that the risk is acceptable. The certification of Kayak Level clarifies this for all parties.

A consumer can only take personal responsibility when he/she is esteemed to well estimate issues. For most activities and sports with a so called higher risk this will closely associate with specific knowledge, experience and skills that a consumer of athlete has for the activity or sport. For example for a beginner, it is clear that he/she can get hurt while paddling white water. To estimate whether a tree, rock or dam is dangerous, you ought to have more experience and knowledge. People with more knowledge and experience can be expected to make conscious choices in taking risks. Naturally you canít expect an insurance company to cover these conscious taken risks.

  • The Kayak Level system describes the skills of different Levels and the level of the consumer who participates in a certified Kayak Level organisation is administrated. Moreover it is possible to individually determine an individual Level by Kayak Level.

Guide and Instructor
Whenever you supervise or invite someone to an activity, course or tour, you take a piece of responsibility. The extent of this responsibility closely links to the text of the paragraph (consumers) above. Your skills as a Guide or Instructor are of great importance as well. Well developed skills arenít always positive for the safety. When you as a good paddler for example bring people on white water above their level, the risk can become unacceptably high. Do you invite far better paddlers than yourself, you still can not assume that they provide you safety. You canít expect an insurance to cover the risk of indolent and irresponsible behaviour.

  • The Kayak Level system examines Guides and Instructors according to knowledge, understanding, skills and leadership. Besides a regulation is made which (if obeyed) reduces risks strongly and excludes rough irresponsibilityís.

Organising activities and sports such as Kayak Level aims to, demands expertise and skill. You can not expect entrepreneurs but also Guides or Instructors to have a same specific knowledge, experience and skill in all the activities and sports. Coming up with a new activity or tour isnít as difficult as organising one. Kayak Level believes that everyone must do what they can do best. You can not expect an insurance company to simply cover every new random activity or tour.

  • In the Kayak Level system an Organisation is for example responsible to make scenarios and risk assessments but these have to be written and assessed by specific experts (Instructors). Kayak Level also uses these verified scenarios for assessing businesses, organisations and associations.

Insurance company
The risk that is covered by an Insurance company concerning the liability insurance corresponds with the exceptional risk that the consumer couldnít anticipate on, that couldnít be prevented due to preparations by the organisation and that couldnít be avoided by the Guide or Instructor.