For guiding a kayak trip you do not need instructor qualities. As a certified Guide, you satisfy the end terms determined by Kayak Level. You have demonstrated sufficient knowledge, experience and skills to handle a kayak tour in a responsible way or to paddle independently with a group of people of the same level as yours.


A guide is related to an Organisation
A by Kayak Level certified Organisation provides a good atmosphere in which a Guide can work. The administration is handled by the organisation as well. An Organisation within the Kayak Level system, can not function without Guides and/ or Instructors. The same counts for the other way round, with exception for the “independent Guide”.

Independent Guide
A Guide who wants to guide groups independent from an Organization, also is able to achieve the Kayak Level Organisation certificate.

Disorganized self kayaking
The knowledge, experience and skills of a Guide are with the exception of specific instructor skills equal to that of an Instructor. If Guides and/ or Instructors of the same level go kayaking disorganized, everyone will be fully self responsible, unless this mutual is prescribe differently by the concerning Guides and/ or Instructors and is determined in writing.

To determine advise final terms
A Guide is not responsible for determining final terms, but he/ she can indicate with a + or - whether someone can paddling at an higher level or needs to go back to a lower level.

  • With the note + (plus), a person can paddle at a higher level. The instructor finally determines whether this person truly is suitable for this level.

  • A Note - (minus) is not a disgrace. Someone can not have his day. However if there is a structural decline, the Instructor only can effect that somebody’s level will decreased.

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