Kayak Level is a certification which is focused on the kayak sport. This certification provides a description of clear regulatory and the quality level for organisations, business and consumers who are involved in the kayak sport.

Itís a myth that extreme white water is more risky than easy flowing water. In generally, who stands besides a white foaming fast flowing river wonít consider very fast to get on this river. A person, who stands besides a river which at the first impression looks innocent, will consider faster to paddle the river.

Often people wrongly believe that setting high standards of skills, experience and knowledge for supervisors or instructors only is require in case of extreme white water. This is very sorry for those who gets unexpected in a difficult situation, which leads in to the conclusion that a guide or instructor is not capable to help, or even could have avoided the dangerous situation.

A good kayaker doesnít have to be a good guide or Instructor.
There is required a high sense of responsibility for guiding a kayak trip or giving instructions in a kayak course. For each participant, you must be able to make the assessment whether and in which way there must be paddled or in some case you even have to decide there is not going to be paddled.

To clarify, for people who have no idea why there is needed a certified for kayak, we have placed a link on the following phrase which leads to a page with a comparative statement.

         You also would not drive in a car without a steering wheel and no brakes!