A kayak level Organisation cares for a good work atmosphere in which issues about preparing, executing, debriefing and administration are well taken care of. Mostly it is about the activities that are not directly visible to the consumer but are of great importance to determination and guarantee of quality. For example it is important for the Guide and the Instructor that licenses and insurances are well arranged; for the participant to be well informed and that the equipment available is in good status. These are just a few examples. Who takes a deeper look into this subject will find out that organising a kayak course, kayak tour or activity asks for a lot of attention.

Kayak level makes no concessions in relation to a Financial interest if this unacceptably influences the quality and safety. The business market is keen on influencing situations far too often and rules are adopted to these targets.

Kayak Level believes that every consumer participating in a kayak course or kayak tour has the right to quality and the highest possible level of safety, adapted to his/her skills, experience and knowledge (see User Levels). Only when a consumer can actually estimate a case, you can leave him/her a piece of responsibility. It will be obvious to anybody that swimming skills are required when practising a water sport and that you can get hurt by the stones while kayaking a river. Nevertheless, you can not expect everybody to know the danger of an undercut rock or a tree on the river.

A certified Kayak Level Organisation cares for up to date and accurate information. Since the quality and responsibility of a Guide or Instructor are established, the organisation may assume that the information is used correctly. In fact a Kayak Level Organisation canít operate without Kayak Level Guides and Instructors, but it is the same the other way around.

For a guide or Instructor who independently wants to organise kayak courses or kayak tours it is possible to obtain an Organisation certificate.

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