From beginner to advanced.
Who is going to kayak should check out the risks and responsibility which brings along. Paddling in white water or in the surf, but as well at the sea or open water, can mean an increasing risk. Some risk arenít excluded but can be minimized. The degree of own responsibility strongly depends on own skills, knowledge and experience of a person. Kayak Level defined end terms of Users in level A, B, C and D.

Which level do I have?
Kayak Level has defined an end term for each level User. These end terms describe which skills you need to control and in which state. The level of the User will be determined by the Guide or Instructor. For the consumer it may be interesting if his/her level get announced. This normally will be the case.
However, for those who arenít interested in his/her level can announce and wonít hear their level. The registration of the level User donít creates any obligations and is used only within the intern Kayak Level system.

  • Only your User number and level is published on the internet.

  • Your name and birth date are visible on a secured site, which is for member companies only.

  • Other personal details are only known by the company, organisation or association to which you have registered. For a personal registration this will be a separate Kayak Level directory that isnít publicly accessible.

Group activities and rentals (User)
Kayaking or canoeing in a group activity and also kayak rentals can be organized, under certain conditions, without a guide who is paddling along. Although then Kayak Level wonít define a User level to connected businesses, organisations or associations. More information can be found in the appendix below on this page.

White water kayaking and / or surf kayaking
Kayak Level donít make a difference between Users of white water kayaking and surf kayaking. Although the level of User always will be determined on white water. This is because for surf kayaking, people need to control their techniques less accurate.

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